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South Florida Search Training


Performing a primary search is one of the most dangerous tasks we will face on the fireground. We are putting ourselves at great risk if we are not performing a search in the most efficient and effective manner, considering the fact that a search team usually operates without the protection of a hoseline. We must know that we have the ability and the knowledge to perform the ultimate accomplishment of affecting a rescue under the most stressful and strenuous conditions!


This training is designed to provide participants with methods and techniques to aggressively perform a search for an occupancy concentrating on high probability areas. This class will provide participants with “tricks of the trade” that will aid in the execution of a successful search. By employing what’s learned, this class will ultimately make our search operations safer by limiting our time in a hostile environment while increasing our chances to affect a rescue! The class will consist of all hands-on training that will provide participants with excellent information and drill ideas to take back to the firehouse.


At the conclusion of this training, participants will:

  • Demonstrate various techniques to execute an efficient and effective search of a residential occupancy
  • Know when, why and how to effectively perform VES (Vent, Enter, Search)
  • Have learned various techniques to perform proper window entry, victim drags and carries
  • Become familiar with techniques to increase situational and occupancy awareness
  • Demonstrate methods to safely search large occupancies such as commercial structures
  • Have learned ways to stay oriented within a structure under high risk, stressful conditions and situations
  • Enhance participants own understanding of the importance of teamwork and communication

This class is limited to twenty-four (24) participants in each session in order to provide the hands-on necessary to accomplish the objectives above. If you’d like to schedule a class for your department or host a class for your members and those of surrounding departments call us at 954.905.9838 and/or email us at training@firetecinc.com