Our SCBA SERVICE LAB is NFPA 1852 Compliant and can provide you with the following:
We can offer annual service contracts and on-site Flow Testing service throughout the state of Florida.
Our trained and certified service technicians will do a full inspection of your regulators, face pieces and air cylinders as well as flow test and adjust your department’s SCBA.
During the testing process both the face piece and the regulator will be checked to ensure both are working properly. As part of the testing we also clean and check the cylinder to ensure it is within the required hydro test period. All service and repairs can be completed on site at your location, or in-house at FIRE-TEC in Margate, Florida. We maintain a database of all work and maintainance records pertaining to each SCBA.

We can customize any service to meet all your needs.

  • SCBA services include:
  • SCBA Inspection
  • SCBA Functional Testing
  • SCBA Battery Replacement
  • SCBA Repairs & Adjustments
  • SCBA Cleaning
  • SCBA Warranty Repair
  • SCBA Maintenance
  • SCBA Fit Testing
  • SCBA Flow Testing with PosiChek3 using the manufacturer’s software to keep you compliant

Our Mobile Service allows us to provide quick turn-around of repairs and get your breathing apparatus back in service as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding your breathing apparatus or have inquiries regarding service, please contact us at 954-960-5068 or email us at