South Florida Ladder Class


The use of portable ground ladders is an integral part of basic firefighting. Personnel are required to use these ladders to perform rescue, to establish a second means of egress and as a means of advancing hose lines for fire attack. When the time comes to utilize this essential piece of equipment it must be done in the safest, most efficient and most effective manner possible.


This class is designed to introduce a more practical, street smart, realistic way of performing portable ground ladder operations on the fire ground, ultimately making our operations safer. The class will consist of a classroom presentation and extensive hands-on training.


At the conclusion of this training, participants will:

  • Be familiar with different ladder applications
  • Employ various methods to assist in the ladder size-up and selection process
  • Demonstrate various ladder carries and packages
  • Be familiar with proper ladder placement
  • Become aware of different ladder configurations and packages
  • Practice alternative heeling and locking techniques
  • Be more comfortable with working off a ground ladder with different tools to affect proper ventilation

Fire Departments should be cognizant of the limited class size of ten (10) participants in each session, in order to provide sufficient hands-on training. If you’d like to schedule a class for your department or h0st a class for your members and those of surrounding departments call us at 954.905.9838 and/or email us at