South Florida Engine Company Operations


Successfully getting water on the fire is what saves lives and property more than any other fireground operation. We face many hurdles that will complicate our ability to get water to the fire. Your members must have a variety of practiced skills and ideas to get water on the fire, especially when faced with long distances, obstacles, intricate building configurations, etc.


This course consists of a morning lecture which identifies fireground engine company operations, including riding positions and assignments, water supply, stretching and operating the first line, the backup line, and when to use the 2-1/2 inch line. Hands on skill stations are conducted daily, under increasingly realistic conditions, to build solid engine company skills and confidence. The last day of training is scenario-based where students perform as members of an engine company.

  • Engine Company Riding Assignments
  • Setting Up an Efficient & Effective Engine Company
  • Capabilities of Hoselines & Nozzles
  • Extending Handlines Over Long Distances
  • Fire-to-Hydrant and Hydrant-to-Fire Hose Lays
  • Standpipe/High-Rise Operations
  • Engine Company Teamwork
  • Engine Company Strategy & Tactics
  • And more…

Fire Departments should be cognizant of the limited class size of twenty (20) participants in each session, in order to provide sufficient hands-on training. If you’d like to schedule a class for your department or h0st a class for your members and those of surrounding departments call us at 954.905.9838 and/or email us at