Firefighter Awareness and Self Confidence Training


Familiarization of ones own mental and physical limitations is essential in performing the most basic tasks. Within a structure we may be faced with having to affect the rescue of a victim, one of our own, or you may even have to save yourself. When the time comes where your actions or inactions will mean the difference between life and death, we must know that we have the ability to push ourselves that extra 5′ or 10′ needed to make the difference!


This training is designed to address the fact that too many firefighter deaths are occurring within 5′-10′ of an exit. This is a direct result of a firefighters inability to stay oriented, calm, and take the appropriate actions. This class will put individuals through multiple evolutions that will allow familiarizations of ones limitations in order to avoid being a statistic. This class will provide the individual numeroust techniques and “tricks of the trade” that will aid in performing the ultimate task of saving a life, including your own! The class will consist of extensive physical hands-on training with a short lecture portion.


At the conclusion of this training, participants will:

  • Have an increased awareness of personal physicl & mental limitations
  • Be familiar with various SCBA maneuvers in order to survive
  • Become more comfortable in advancing handlines through difficult situations
  • Have increased confidence with personal gear & equipment
  • Have gained confidence in ones physical & mental abilities
  • Enhance their understanding of the importance of teamwork and communication


This is for all who are willing to be challenged! Fire Departments should be cognizant of the limited class size of twelve (12) participants in each session in order to provide the hands-on necessary to accomplish the objectives above. If you’d like to schedule a class for your department or host a class for your members and those of surrounding departments contact us at 954.905.9838 and/or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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