South Florida Firefighter Training

FIRE-TEC offers a wide variety of classes for both the experienced and the novice firefighter. Fire Departments, manufactures, and/or individual firefighters can contact us to plan your own training programs. Below is a selection of the training we currently offer. We’re continually growing and will be adding more as the days come. If your interested in hosting a seminar and would like us to offer training for you and surrounding departments send us a message through our contact us page up in the menu bar. You can also email us through your own email accounts at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Firefighter Awareness
& Self Confidence Training

Familiarization of ones own mental and physical limitations is essential in performing the most basic tasks. Within a structure we may be faced with having to affect the rescue of a victim, one of our own, or you may even have to save yourself. Learn More >>

Search Training

Performing a primary search is one of the most dangerous tasks we will face on the fireground. We are putting ourselves at great risk if we are not performing a search in the most efficient and effective manner, considering the fact that a search team usually operates without the protection of a hoseline. Learn More >>

Portable Ground “Street Smart”
Ladder Operations

The use of portable ground ladders is an integral part of basic firefighting. Personnel are required to use these ladders to perform rescue, to establish a second means of egress and as a means of advancing hose lines for fire attack. Learn More >>

Engine Company Operations

Successfully getting water on the fire is what saves lives and property more than any other fireground operation. We face many hurdles that will complicate our ability to get water to the fire. Learn More >>




Technical Rescue Classes (Rope Rescue Operations)

This 40 hour class focuses on extensive equipment use, rope systems and theory, advanced problem solving and team building. Numerous simulated rescues are conducted during realistic conditions from multi-level elevated stations. This course provides the student with training to the NFPA 1670 Technical Rescue Standard for Rope Rescue. This involves 25% classroom and 75% hands on evolutions and is both physically demanding and mentally demanding and mentally challenging.  Learn More >>


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