Rescue in Haiti

Monday, January 18th 2010

This story was written by Brandy Paternoster along with a collaborative effort of the entire recon team

Florida Task Force 1 USAR Team

Jairo Rodriguez, Recon Team Leader
Steve Driscoll, Canine Handler
Blaze, Canine Extraordinaire
Gary Fregeolle, Safety Officer
Dr. Dan Whu, Medical Manager
Michelle Steele, Medical Specialist
Pedro Rodriguez, Hazmat Specialist
Rafael Pozo, Tech Search Specialist
Andrew Hook, Rescue Specialist
Donny Hall, Rescue Specialist
William Licea, Rescue Specialist
Brandy Paternoster, Rescue Specialist
Jeffery Oldfield, Rescue Specialist
Patricio Alvarado, Rescue Specialist

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5″ Supply Hose (LDH) Deficiencies

Deficiencies have been noted with 5” supply hose currently being used by Fire Departments around the country. Firefighters in several parts of the country have suffered injuries due to failure of the LDH at the coupling. Recently, a Fire department in Florida experienced a failure of the same type of hose while performing a relay pumping drill. Fortunately, there was nobody in the area where the failure occurred and no firefighters were injured. The 5” supply line suffered a catastrophic failure at the pump panel, where the collar holds the hose in place to the coupling. After the failure, the collar that surrounds the hose was no where to be found.

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