About FireTEC

FIRE-TEC was established by firefighters in January of 2008. The company’s main focus was to train firefighters worldwide. Through this endeavor and our on the job experience of over 20 years we have had the opportunity to work with some of the best and worst fire equipment in the industry. This inadvertently gave us the ability to test, evaluate and recommend fire equipment to fire departments, manufacturers, and dealers alike. So soon we found ourselves consulting throughout the world on equipment, department SOP’s, and of course we never stopped training.

FIRE-TEC has now been very involved with leading manufacturers in the industry on product design & applicability. These extra measures outside of training ensure that we, in the fire service, are being offered quality, practical equipment to get the job done effectively and safely.

Through our training & collaboration of firefighters globally we are able to evaluate and test equipment in the most strenuous situations. From the U.S. to Central & South America to Europe we are able to expose a products pros and cons.

We consult manufacturers on the products they make and offer training on those products to fire departments that acquire them. We like wise offer fire departments training on advanced fire operations, development of department standard operating procedures, and equipment recommendations.

We participate in existing fire industry conferences as well as hold our own training venues anywhere in the world. As a member of the NFPA committee to evaluate & establish standards, FIRE-TEC sets the bar for manufacturers, fire departments, and everyone in between to meet. Our company’s strength and credibility is based on the input and experience of those who use the equipment we’ve sold, trained & consulted on. Who better to trust than those who actually risk their lives with the tools that are being offered to us. FIRE-TEC, which is made up of firefighters working in some of the busiest firehouses in the world will give you the truth on what works.

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