ProJecto por Amor a Jesus (ProJect for the Love of Jesus) is a non-profit organization inspired by the love of Jesus Christ, and offers assistance in His name. ProJecto envisions the day when firefighters throughout the Caribbean and Latin America are adequately equipped with the right tools to deal with the life threatening emergencies that they encounter every day. Our desire is that the children of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia, Ecuador and all of Latin America receive the education they so richly deserve, for they are our future. One day we hope to see the incarcerated return to a dignified life outside of the walls and cells that confine them. We foresee a day when careful attention is given to the nutritional needs of elderly nursing home residents, thereby improving their quality of life. Together we can accomplish these goals, ONE STEP AT A TIME.


Hoods for Heroes was established to provide Firefighters with critical equipment that will help to reduce their exposure to cancer causing chemicals in the neck and face area.

After spending over 10 years as an EMT/Paramedic, Co-founders Jeff Rountree and high-risk specialist Bill Hamilton developed the idea of how Hoods For Heroes could protect Firefighters.

There are nearly 1.25 million Firefighters in the U.S. and we are committed to providing EVERY ONE of them with a chemical blocking hood to help reduce their daily exposure to carcinogens,

Firefighter’s put their lives on the everyday to save others. By contributing, you can make a difference.



The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation team is utilizing 14 plus years as a nonprofit organization to refine the volunteer work of individuals with fire service experience of 5 to 45 years. Living fire history as well as working and training as industry leaders and instructors enhance the commitment to others that this passionate and dedicated group of individuals offer the fire industry and the communities in which they live.